Teacher Key:
Worksheet for Inside Art

1. What happens to you at the art museum?

You are on a tour of an art museum. You are bored and not paying attention. You get sucked in to a vortex and land inside Van Gogh's painting Bank of the Oise at Auverss. To escape, you have to learn about the painting.

2. What is the name of the mystery artist?

Vincent Van Gogh

3. When the artist live? When did he paint the mystery painting?

Van Gogh lived 1853-1890. He painted Bank of the Oise at Auvers in 1890.

4. What is the subject of this painting? Describe another subject the artist painted.

Bank of the Oise at Auvers depicts eleven small boats on the bank of the River Oise in France. A woman is seated in one boat and a man and woman are standing on the shore.
Other subjects by Van Gogh shown in Inside Art are several portraits, a self-portrait, a still life of sunflowers and several other landscapes.

5. Describe the kinds of colors this artist liked to paint with. (Are they dull, bright, realistic, abstract, loud, quiet, bold, meek, rich, pastel...?)

Van Gogh's palette changed a great deal during his life. However, Inside Art focuses on the rich, intense, bold colors he is most famous for.

6. Describe this artist's brushstrokes. (Are they slow, fast, smooth, rough, big, small, careful, wild....?)

Inside Art highlights the bold, fast, rough dash-like brushstrokes that Van Gogh is most famous for.

7. List four places the artist lived and painted. Where was this painting made?

A map depicts four places Van Gogh worked: Auvers, France; Paris, France; the Netherlands, and Provence, France.
Bank of the Oise at Auvers was painted in Auvers, France.

8. What was the most important thing this artist wanted to show in all his paintings?

Van Gogh used color and brushstrokes to communicate the strong emotions and moods he felt about his subjects.

9. Who where the Impressionists and how they influence the mystery artist?

Impressionists like Monet painted to capture the momentary effects of light. They painted in France in the 1870's and 1860's. As a Post Impressionist, Van Gogh got some of his ideas about color from the Impressionists, but he wanted to use color to express his strong emotions and moods rather than just record an impression of the scene.

10. Which was your favorite painting? Why?


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