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Grandpa's List
Van Gogh

Chapter Five: Gauguin

"No," I told her. "I don't think you have a Gauguin painting. Gauguin loved the intense colors and exotic subjects of the South Sea Islands. He used broad, flat colors to express his feelings. He once said, "A meter of greenness is greener than a centimeter if you wish to express greenness." Your mystery artist, on the other hand, used more naturalistic colors, plus shadows and modeling, for a different look."

Detail of mystery painting

Detail of Gauguin painting

She smiled. "Tahiti does look nice. It certainly looks like a warmer climate than in my painting!"

"Yes," I sighed. I was due for a vacation, but I wasn't going to make it to Tahiti on an art detective's salary. "So let's look at the other names on your list."

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