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This site is devoted to research and education about ecotourism, ethnic tourism, nature tourism, and heritage tourism, along with other geographic interests of mine. Much of what you'll find here is based on research I did from 1994-1996 as a graduate student in Geography at the University of Minnesota, but several links will take you to popular articles I have written on aspects of tourism. I haven't done any more ecotourism research since 1996. Instead, I've been busy developing educational Web-based games, simulations and learning modules with my company, Educational Web Adventures. Check out our educational activities about art, science, and history!

Amazon Interactive

Online games and activities about the Amazon and indigenous ecotourism development. Find out how rainy the rainforest actually is, and who lives there. Learn about indigenous agriculture in the rainforest. Play the Ecotourism Game.

Ecotourism Research

Indigenous Ecotourism in the Ecuadorian Amazon: A Case Study.1996.
(This paper is based on research I conducted in 1995. I have not worked in ecotourism research since then, so please don't ask me about current trends in the field!)

The Ecocenter as Tourist Attraction: Ely, Minnesota and the International Wolf Center. 1996.

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