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Coffee and Conservation

Forest panorama

 You chose the moderate income strategy

  • 1 hectare of coffee on secondary forest
  • 1 hectare of cacao on primary forest
  • 1 hectare of maize on primary forest

Map of your 15 hectare plot of land

You earned $330--not nearly enough to live on. much less pay back your brother. You need to greatly expand your fields next year to earn enough to support your family and pay your debts.

But you've only got five hectares of primary forest left. Your family has to walk to the far end of your land to find medicinal plants. The water in the creek running past your house is always muddy now. There's little shade left to escape the hot noonday sun.

You realize that, at this rate, you will soon run out of primary forest. In a few years, you'll have to plant your crops in secondary forest--or find another line of work besides farming. Some people in your Quichua community are talking about ecotourism. Instead of farming more land, the community can earn money by bringing in tourists and teaching them about the Quichua way of life. Do you think the community should consider ecotourism? Or would you like to start over with your cash crops?

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