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The Ecotourism Game

Forest panorama

No to ecotourism development.

Tourists continue to come to your community, curious to see how Quichua people live. They are usually brought by guides who are not familiar with the Quichua and who do not respect Quichua culture. They shoot birds and animals, which are becoming increasingly rare. They stare and take photographs of you. People in Pangayacu are getting angry. They don't like feeling like animals in a zoo.

There has been little change land use. Currently about a third of all community land is forested.
100% pile of plants
50% pile of coins
There has been little change in income. Currently each household earns about $600 a year.

Agustín and a few others still want to try ecotourism. Other people in the community want to ban tourists. What do you want to do?

Okay, let's try ecotourism
No, let's ban tourists altogether.

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