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Let tourists eat and sleep in private homes

tourist with Quichua familyTourists enjoy the close contact they have with you, Agustín and the others. They spend many hours in the evening eating rice and fish, conversing with you in basic Spanish, and even drinking aguardiente--a fiery liquor made from sugar cane.

Almost all the tourists ask about Quichua culture. You remember a few traditional songs and dances, but only modern pop music is played at local fiestas. Should you put on a traditional cultural program or let them enjoy a more typical fiesta,with a stereo playing recent radio hits?

Would you like to hear a bit of traditional Quichua music (108K in AIFF or WAV) or a radio hit song (50K in AIFF or WAV)?

There has been little change in land use. Currently about a third of all community land is primary rainforest.
100% pile of plants
75% pile of coins
Tourists pay only $40 a day, but the money has a big impact. At this rate, each of you will make about $1000 this year, almost twice what you earn from agriculture.

What do you think the community should do to entertain tourists?

Stage a traditional cultural program
Have a contemporary fiesta

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