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Forest panorama

Limit tourism to current levels

Cleared rainforestTourists continue to come to Pangayacu, but only once or twice a month. Agriculture dominates the rest of your days. Since all of you--those working in tourism as well as those not--have growing families, everyone must soon clear more rainforest to plant coffee, rice, and other market crops. You clear another hectare, leaving forest on only one-fifth of your land. You and your neighbors continue hunting, but it seems that most of the animals which were once common are now scarce.

Agustín begins talking again about bringing in more tourists. Tourist money would reduce your reliance on agricultural income.

Growing families need more money, so you clear another hectare or two of primary forest for crops.
50% pile of plants
75% pile of coins
Income from tourism comes in steadily, but it can't pay for everything. You must still focus on agriculture as a way to make more money.

What do you think?

Allow more tourists to come
Continue as you are, with more time in agriculture than tourism

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