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Split the proceeds between project and members

Quichua bandMost Quichua are satisfied with their income from tourism. They are becoming more comfortable with tourists and no longer worry about what the tourists will think of them. Some have even begun charging a few dollars to have their picture taken.

The cultural program has become a polished performance. The Quichua in the band and dance troupe take professional pride in putting on a good show for tourists. They can see that they are doing a good job, since the number of tourists increases each month.

Now some people are talking about building a tourist lodge offering hot showers, electric lights, and American-style meals. Such a lodge would attract tourists who currently stay at one of the comfortable lodges on the Rio Napo, bringing more money to the community.

Though tourism is profitable, you continue to tend to your crops. The need for rich soil leads many of your neighbors to clear half a hectare for new crops.
75% pile of plants
100% pile of coins
Tourism has become a strong and reliable source of income, doubling the annual income for most Quichua.

What do you think?

Build a new tourist lodge
Keep things the way they are

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