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A painting A painting A painting A painting

spacer gif"Hooray!" shouted Trish the Fish, doing backflips. "You made it back home!"
Trish jumping for joyspacer gif"Thanks for all your help, " I said. "I couldn't have gotten out of there without you."
spacer gif"No problem--working a Van Gogh shift is easier than some! " she said. "Why don't you catch up with your tour? Maybe you'll find it more interesting than you did before."
spacer gif"I think I will," I said.
spacer gif"You also might check out these World Wide Web links about Vincent Van Gogh."
spacer gif"Great!" I said.
spacer gif"Gotta go," Trish said. "Sounds like the vortex sucked in another kid." With a splash of her tail, she was gone.

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