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Texas 1836

Explore the historic site of Washington-on-the-Brazos with this magic window into history.

See the town of Washington as it looked in 1836, when delegates from all parts of Texas came to write the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the Republic of Texas. Through the magic of augmented-reality, the app presents a virtual town of Washington, full scale and overlaid on the historic site for you to explore.

Walk around the historic site and see people and places from the days of the revolution, a virtual world of 1836 revealed on your smartphone screen. Toggle between the full virtual world and the augmented-reality view that superimposes buildings and people against the modern environment.

Washington-on-the-Brazos, the birthplace of Texas, was a crucible of Texas democracy, the place where Texans gave voice to their grievances, forged their Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and brought forth a new nation: the Republic of Texas. Download the app and see it like never before!
Texas 1836 and today

Tranquility Base, where Apollo 11 landed the first humans on the moon, is one of the greatest of all historic sites — yet unlike other historic sites, we cannot go and visit it ourselves. Until now. MoonWalking bring Tranquility Base to your backyard or neighborhood park.

With your iPhone or iPad serving as a window into history, watch the Lunar Module "Eagle" land on the moon, Neil Armstrong make his famous "one small step," and then see Buzz Aldrin join him for history's first moonwalk. All this is happening right in front of you, and not just as a a static picture. You can walk around the Lunar Module as it lands. Take a picture of friends and family posing with Armstrong as he places his boot on the moon. At any moment, toggle between the augmented-reality view and the moonscape, an accurate virtual world of the landing site. It's an immersive, augmented world that you an explore even as history unfolds in front of you!

MoonWalking is designed to let you experience our augmented reality technology wherever you live, without requiring your to visit the actual historic site.
The Eagle has landed — in your neighborhood!
Image of Spacewalking App

Augmented reality offers exciting ways to explore science as well as history, letting us experience vast or minuscule worlds that we simply cannot experience in daily life. SpaceWalking, for example, brings the Solar System down to Earth, ready for you to explore — on foot! The app creates a virtual scale model of Sun and planets around you, at walkable scale. Walk down the street to visit Venus, continue on a ways to reach Jupiter, and then really stretch your legs to get a glimpse of Pluto. As you walk around, your iPhone displays the the Sun, planets, moons and other objects, all to scale.

"Really impressed with the innovation of this app, particularly in the use of mobile technology to bring scientific concepts closer to human experience. To me, this type of application represents the best of what technology can offer humans and society." —GiggleApps.