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Into the Book and Putt the Planets
Explore reading comprehension strategies, and take a grand tour of our Solar System, putter in hand!

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Putt the Planets game

FEATURE: Hold the Fort
Take command of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. The fate of the Baltimore lies in your hands!
Plus Vilify Me! for the International Spy Museum and PlanetMania! for the Maryland Science Center! Read More
Hold the Fort! game

FEATURE: Texas 1836
Explore the historic site of Washington-on-the-Brazos with this magic window into history.
The mobile app uses Eduweb's augmented-reality engine to presents a virtual town of Washington at full scale, overlaid on the historic site for you to explore. Read More
Exploring the historic site with the app

FEATURE: Building Detroit
One Family. Five Generations. Countless ways to build a city.
Building Detroit feature three ways to explore Detroit history, through a game, interactive timeline, and in-depth curriculum. Read More
Image of Building Detroit

FEATURE: MoonWalking
Tranquility Base, the site of the first Apollo moon landing, is one of the greatest of all historic sites — and now you can bring it down to Earth to watch history unfold in front of you.
Moonwalking is an augmented-reality app that recreates Tranquility Base in your backyard or neighborhood park. Read More
Image of MoonWalking

FEATURE: A Sailor's Life for Me!
Prepare to set sail on a seafaring adventure in this role-play game!
Live the life of a young sailor aboard USS Constitution, "Old Ironsides," during the War of 1812. Read More
Image of A Sailor's Life for Me!

FEATURE: SpaceWalking
Explore the Solar System—on foot!
SpaceWalking is an augmented-reality iPhone app that creates a virtual model of the Solar System around you, reduced to a walkable scale. Read More
Image of SpaceWalking

FEATURE: Texas Independence
In the winter of 1836, Texas were involved in a life or death struggle for freedom from Mexico. As they fought on the battlefield, they also sent representatives from every municipality to a constitutional convention in the small town of Washington. In two tense weeks, these Texans declared independence and created a constitutional republic based on the democratic principles they all held dear.
The Texas Independence Web site offers a rich variety of activities and resources about these historic events, from dramatic animations to timeline and storytelling interactives to primary source documents and lesson plans. Read More
Image of Texas Independence

FEATURE: George Washington's World for Kids
For a stiff-lipped Founder of the United States, George Washington led an awfully exciting life. Soldier, farmer, statesman...he was even famous for his love of dancing.
On this site, discover the real Washington at home and at war.
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Image of George Washington's World for Kids

FEATURE: Eduweb Named a Landmark Site for Teaching and Learning
The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) has named our own Web site,, one of twenty-one "Landmark Websites for Teaching and Learning."
AASL, a division of the American Library Association (ALA), chose these sites for "their exemplary histories of authoritative, dynamic content and curricular relevance." Read More
Image of American Association of School Librarians logo

FEATURE: WolfQuest: Amethyst Mountain Deluxe
Wolves are naturally compelling animals. The subject of folklore and legend around the world, wolves inspire excitement, fear and wonder, but never complacency.
WolfQuest merges the natural mystery and charisma of wolves with the immersive, compelling drama and action of video games to create a new model for conservation education. Read More
Image of WolfQuest

FEATURE: Into the Book
Explore eight reading strategies for K-4 students and teachers in this interactive and in-depth reading comprehension site.
Students can watch online videos, play learning games and interactives, and share their creations with friends and family. Read More
Image of Into the Book

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