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We're pleased to annnounce three new games about American history, film history, and astronomy!

Hold the Fort!
Fort McHenry National Historic Monument and Historic Shrine
Baltimore, Maryland

Take command of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812. The fate of the Baltimore lies in your hands!

After two years of war, the British have invaded Washington D.C., burned the White House, and are now sailing up the Chesapeake to attack Baltimore. Fort McHenry stands in their way — but victory or defeat depends upon your nerves and wits. For, as commander, you are responsible for the defense of the fort and the city. You must lead the troops and manage resources to keep the fort from falling under the withering British bombardment. As the bombs explode overhead and rockets whiz past, you must manage fort resources and inspire your troops. For if fortitude falls, the troops will desert and the battle will be lost.

Throughout the bombardment, keep the flag flying — the bigger the better — to inspire the troops and to let everyone else (including a certain lawyer named Key) know that the fort has not fallen to the British.

Go to Hold the Fort!

Vilify Me!
Vilified as Blofeld
International Spy Museum
Washington, D.C.

Transform yourself into the world's most feared villain and design a lair that even 007 cannot infiltrate.

James Bond has faced some of the most diabolical villains ever imagined. With this app, you can turn yourself into one of them. Take a photo of yourself and choose villainous clothing, physical attributes, and taunts to transform into a Bond villain. Then take the Lair Challenge: with $1 million in hand, choose your lair location, security elements, and decor while trying to stay on budget and attempting to prevent Bond from infiltrating. How good a villain are you? You'll find out in the end when Bond conducts an assessment of your lair design.

Vilify Me! features ten notorious Bond villains, including Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Rosa Klebb, Jaws, and Elektra King; and five classic lairs, including Blofeld's volcano, Gustav Graves' Ice Palace, and Stromberg's Atlantis.

Eduweb developed this interactive for the International Spy Museum's exhibition, Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the James Bond films. It's available in three ways: on iPads in the museum exhibit, as an iPad app from the App Store, and soon also online as a browser-based interactive.

Get the iPad app!
(Web browser version coming in January)

Choosing cards in PlanetMania
Maryland Science Center
Baltimore, Maryland

Collect evidence for life on planets elsewhere in the Universe, then play your cards right to earn Astrobucks and a museum store coupon!

Play this game at the "Life Beyond Earth" exhibit at the Maryland Science Center, in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. As you explore the exhibit, draw cards about planets orbiting other stars, the ingredients of life, and the ways that life adapts to extreme environments. Choose carefully to make your best pair of cards, then submit your hand to earn Astrobucks — and a coupon at the museum shop! Eduweb developed this game as a gallery experience, complementing a visit to the "Life Beyond Earth" exhibit. But if you want to try it at home or school, use these keycodes. (There are lots more at the museum!)

Get the iPhone/iPad app or the Android app

Building Detroit Wins Museum Award
Building Detroit game screenshot Building Detroit, a history game which we developed last year with the Detroit Historical Society, won an Award of Merit from the American Association of State and Local History, "the nation's most prestigious competition for recognition of achievement in state and local history."

Stay tuned! We've got more great games and learning interactives on rockets, epidemics, and much more in the works for next year! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news and sneak peaks at upcoming projects.