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eduweb News - 5/16/06
eduweb Sites Win Prestigious International Awards

Two Web sites developed by eduweb in collaboration with its clients have won prestigious Internet awards in the past month.
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    2005 Pirelli INTERNETional Award for Black Holes: Gravity's Relentless Pull
    Space Telescope Science Institute.

    This site, developed in collaboration with Space Telescope Science Institute astronomers Roeland van der Marel and Gijs Verdoes Kleijn, won the top prize in the 2005 Pirelli INTERNETional Award competition, the first international multimedia contest for the communication of science and technology on the Internet.

    Awards were given in five categories ranging from physics to life sciences. An international jury, which included Nobel laureates Riccardo Giacconi and Harold Kroto, selected the Pirelli award winners from 1,000 entries representing more than 50 countries. Black Holes won the award for physics and also beat the other category winners to claim the top prize "for its ability to explore one of the most fascinating subjects of modern astrophysics through an entertaining tool that also provides sound scientific content." The award comes with a $30,000 prize. eduweb principal David T. Schaller attended the awards ceremony on May 16 with van der Marel at the Temple of Hadrian in Rome, Italy.

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Screenshot of Black Holes web site
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    MUSE Awards: Jim Blackaby Ingeniuty Award and Bronze Award for Art Interpretation for Street to Studio: The art of Jean-Michel Basquiat
    Brooklyn Museum

    This site won two MUSE Awards from the Media and Technology Standing Professional Committee of the American Association of Museums. Now in its 17th year, the MUSE awards competition recognizes outstanding achievement in museum media. The competition received 108 applications from a wide variety of museums in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. This is the fifth year running that eduweb projects have won MUSE Awards.

    The Street to Studio site, developed with the Brooklyn Museum as an online companion to a traveling exhibition of Basquiat's art, won the Bronze MUSE Award for Art Interpretation as well as the Jim Blackaby Ingenuity Award. The Blackaby Award "recognizes a project that exemplifies the power of creative imagination in the use of media and technology — a project that has a powerful effect on its audience, and one that stands above the others in inventiveness and quality."

    David Schaller accepted both awards on behalf of the Brooklyn Museum at a champagne reception on April 27 at the 2006 American Association of Museums Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. MUSE judges said the Street to Studio site was "the quintessential Blackaby project. It reaches out to teens who, in the midst of their growing, learning, and suffering, find a kindred soul in the troubled artist, and in Basquiat's work they discover a vocabulary that they speak and intrinsically understand."

    Go to Street to Studio: The art of Jean-Michel Basquiat
Screenshot of Street to Studio site

New Science Web Site - 5/15/06
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Black Holes: Gravity's Relentless Pull
Space Telescope Science Institute

Black holes are places where ordinary gravity has become so extreme that it overwhelms all other forces in the Universe. Once inside, nothing can escape a black hole's gravity — not even light. Yet we know that black holes exist. We know how they are born, where they occur, and why they exist in different sizes. We even know what would happen if you fell into one. Our discoveries have revealed one of the strangest objects in the Universe, and there's still much we don't know. The nearest black hole is many lightyears away, so we don't have to worry about threats to the Earth. This is as close as you'll ever get to one. So come explore!

eduweb's role: Concept and content development, interactivity design, visual design, illustration, animation, programming, and production.

Black holes screenshot: how to see the invisible

New History and Technology Web Adventures - 11/3/05
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U-505 On-line Activities
Museum of Science and Industry

At the height of World War II, the U.S. Navy captured a German U-boat submarine prowling off the waters of Africa. The American efforts to capture the U-505, and the German struggle to prevail instead, illuminate the human experience of duty, courage, and survival during wartime. This site features two games and an interactive timeline about that fateful day:
  • Find the U-505: As an American sailor, use cutting-edge (for 1944) technologies to track down the U-boat.
  • Command the U-505: As skipper of the U-505, use your wits to attack the Americans and evade capture.
  • Capture! An interactive timeline featuring oral histories by the men who where there.
eduweb's role: Concept and content development, interactivity design, visual design, illustration, animation, programming, production, and user testing.

Screenshot from Command the U-505

New Science Web Adventure - 10/31/05
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Amazing Reef
John G. Shedd Aquarium

There are a thousand stories on the amazing reef, each more incredible than the last. Stories of life, friendship, hunger and survival. Which story will you tell?

In this movie-making interactive, you can make an animated film about life on a coral reef. Choose an exciting story, cast colorful characters, and animate the movie yourself. Then add music and titles to complete your movie. You can even keep it by downloading it to your own computer.

eduweb's role: Concept development, interactivity design, content development, visual design, video production and editing, programming, and production.

Making a movie about Amazing Reef

New History Web Site - 10/21/05
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Harvest of History
The Farmers' Museum

The history of New York State agriculture is the story of our collective past. Harvest of History makes this story come alive. Explore an 1845 agricultural village to find out where food came from then and now, how and where it grows, and compare life in 1845 with our modern world. Then turn what you've learned into a video with the online videomaker. The site also features hundreds of primary sources about agricultural and rural history, and an interdisciplinary fourth-grade curriculum.

eduweb's role: Concept development, interactivity design, content development, visual design, video production and editing, programming, and site production.

Explore the Village, on the Harvest of History web site
"The eduweb team brought professionalism, expertise, and creativity to our project. They have a unique understanding of how museums can use the internet as an educational tool. They pushed us to think bigger and more creatively, while never losing sight of our mission and project goals. The product is a highly polished, easily navigable, and content-rich website that helps The Farmers' Museum reach students and teachers across New York State and beyond."

Hannah Weisman
Education Specialist
New York State Historical Association
and The Farmers' Museum

eduweb News - 5/10/05
eduweb projects win Museum Awards
Two Web sites developed by eduweb in collaboration with its clients have won prestigious Muse Awards. The Muse Awards are a juried competition conducted by the American Association of Museums' (AAM) Media and Technology Committee. Since 1989, the MUSE Awards have recognized excellence in educational media produced by or for museums. eduweb's winning projects are:
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  • Bronze: Architect Studio 3D, Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust.
    Architect Studio 3D brings to young architects everywhere the exciting process of designing a home—hands-on. Starting as real architects do, with a client who has lifestyle preferences and a site that has its own environmental considerations, users draw on their imagination to design their own architectural solutions. And state-of-the-art 3D modeling technology allows you to enter your creation to personally experience the space. The judges said, "An ambitious and creative introduction to the considerations behind good architectural design. Unlike most educational sites, it goes beyond didactic overviews and invites users to participate actively by choosing a client and a site and designing a structure to suit them. ArchitectStudio3D is a creative learning experience with a lighthearted tone and interactivity that fully realizes its goals with flair. Although created for ages 11 - 14, it will be useful to people of all ages."

    Go to Architect Studio 3D
Screenshot from Architect Studio
  • Special Recognition: No Master Over Me, Colonial Williamsburg.
    eduweb developed the online activities for this Electronic Field Trip, which also includes a live interactive video broadcast, teacher materials, and online forums. The judges said, "An immensely sobering, evocative and engaging story of the life of a free black woman during the days of slavery. A sensitive subject well thought out and well presented using familiar techniques to engage and teach. Once again, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation have used every possible means of media delivery, both old and new, to tell their stories. An impressive effort."
Screenshot from No Master Over Me

New Science Web Site- 4/21/05
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Zoo Matchmaker
Minnesota Zoo

How can zoos help save endangered species? By breeding them in captivity, in hopes of someday releasing animals back into their original habitats. This interactive places you in charge of a breeding program for endangered tigers. Choose from several breeding plans, then make the best matches to ensure tiger survival. Along the way, you'll learn about tiger genetics and the basic rules of inheritance.

eduweb collaborated with Minnesota Zoo staff to develop the matchmaker game concept, balancing challenging gameplay with substantial genetics content. And by incorporating the same calculations used by real breeding managers, the game accurately reflects the real-world challenges facing zoos today.

eduweb's role: Concept development, interactivity design, content development, visual design, programming, production, and user testing.

Making tiger matches in Zoo Matchmaker
"eduweb did a wonderful job helping us translate a difficult topic (small population genetics in zoos) into an entertaining, educational and user-friendly interactive for 7-12 grade students. We were extremely pleased with eduweb's process for creating, developing, testing and implementing the Zoo Matchmaker interactive."

Grant Spickelmeyer
Education Programs Supervisor
Minnesota Zoo

New Art Web Site - 3/10/05
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Street to Studio: The Art of Jean-Michel Basquiat
The Brooklyn Museum

The extraordinary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat created paintings and drawings filled with imagery that describes his ideas about life and the world around him. eduweb collaborated with staff at the Brooklyn Museum and its partner museums to develop this web site and kiosk program for a traveling exhibition about Basquiat. Designed specifically to introduce teenagers to Basquiat's art, the site offers a variety of ways to explore this artist's life and work. Through interactive explorations of Basquiat's paintings, an interactive biography of his life, a digital painting tool, and online discussion forum, teens can gain insights into Basquiat's life and worldview—while reflecting upon their own.

eduweb’s role: Interactivity design, content development, visual design, programming, production, and user testing.

Interactive timeline about Basquiat
"We feel lucky to have chosen eduweb to design our educational website about the art of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Dave Schaller, eduweb principal, was the greatest professional to work with. He understood his medium well and was more than willing to help us achieve our vision. The site is visually exciting. The hundreds of submissions to the virtual gallery tell us the 'Create Your Own Artwork' section is working. We couldn't have asked for a better partner than eduweb. They managed this process with ease. Our only question is when can we work together again?"

Radiah Harper
Vice-Director for Education and Program Development
Brooklyn Museum

eduweb News - 12/10/04
eduweb receives research grant from National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant to eduweb for a study investigating the relationship between children's learning styles and online interactives. Working with museum researcher Minda Borun, eduweb will be exploring ways to identify children's learning styles, and then examining how learning styles may affect how they choose, interact, and learn from different types of computer-based interactives. We will present the results here on our Web site and at museum conferences over the next few years.

Project Summary
Although virtual exhibits consisting of pictures and text are still common, educational Web developers increasingly employ techniques borrowed from interactive exhibit developers, video game producers, and museum educators to create compelling activities that fully exploit the strengths of the Web medium. However, such transfers from other learning environments to the Web pose unique challenges. For example, the effective teacher in a face-to-face learning environment responds to various cues about the learner’s knowledge, interest, and ability. We do not have that ability online. Instead we must attempt to formalize within the programming of the activity much of the tacit feedback to which the teacher can react. This task becomes even more difficult when we take into consideration the diverse ways that people perceive and process information.

This research, a collaboration between educational Web developers and museum researchers, will explore the impact of learning style on preference for online informal learning experiences. Building on our pilot study of user preferences for Web-based activity types (Schaller et al., 2002), we will develop ways of measuring learning style among children and test hypotheses about learning style, activity preferences, engagement, and satisfaction. An understanding of individual differences in learning styles through the proposed research can provide valuable insights into the specific requirements of computer-based learning media and guide developers to design more engaging and effective learning experiences for a wide variety of learners.

New Art Adventure - 9/22/04
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From Cave Art to Your Art: 30,000 years of new media

Cave painters first put charcoal to rock thirty thousand years ago. Ever since, artists have created new media to help them express themselves. Explore the ways that artists use art media and make a video showing what they’ve inspired you to create. Watch video clips showing artists at work, then make your own art and upload it to the web site. Add text and music, and you’re ready to watch your video. You can even download it to your computer to share with friends and family!

Note: This site has many large video files, so a fast internet connection is highly recommended!

eduweb’s role: Concept and content development, visual design, scriptwriting, illustration, programming, production, and user testing.

Video editing screen
"It was a real pleasure working with eduweb. Our requirements and standards for this site are high. eduweb helped us reach our goals. We appreciate their expertise, responsiveness and creativity."

Lynne Bowdon
Senior Channel Marketing Manager

New History Web Site - 9/5/04
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The Dakota Experience
South Dakota State Historical Society

Civic and social life on the Dakota frontier developed out of competing goals and visions: Some came looking for wealth in the mines of the Black Hills. Others sought and found chances to take part in local or territorial government. Missionaries carried their gospel, hoping to replace tribal ways with Christianity. Native Americans sought to maintain their traditional life in the face of change.

Explore this history through online interactives, historical artifacts, photographs, and documents, and interpretive text. Journey to the gold rush town of Deadwood to discover the "real" story of the Old West. Make a magic lantern show to share online with your friends.

"Creating Community on the Frontier" is a pilot module for The Dakota Experience, a much larger Web site which will ultimately explore the breadth and depth of Dakota history.

eduweb’s role: Concept and content development, information architecture, visual design, scriptwriting, illustration, programming, production, and user testing.

Lakota warrior, in the Deadwood Illustrated interactive

eduweb News
eduweb projects win Gold and Honorable Mention at the AAM Muse Awards

Two Web sites developed by eduweb in collaboration with its clients have won prestigious Muse Awards. The Muse Awards are a juried competition conducted by the American Association of Museums' (AAM) Media and Technology Committee. Since 1989, the MUSE Awards have recognized excellence in films and videos produced by or for museums. eduweb's winning projects are:
  • Gold: Soldier of Liberty, for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Soldier of Liberty is a distance learning package containing curricula and a live interactive broadcast as well as the Web site. The judges said, " An extremely appealing and engaging presentation of the issues and factors leading up to the American Revolution. An exceptionally high quality project, offering multiple avenues for two-way communication. Great attention to detail and compelling characters, presented with a contemporary twist, while still capturing the period. Not just your crusty, old retelling of the subject but an evocative and timely discussion and presentation of the people and issues." More about Soldier of Liberty.
Screenshot from Soldier of Liberty
  • Honorable Mention: The Renaissance Connection for the Allentown Art Museum. The judges said, "This design clearly states that history is not boring! The Monty-Python-esque animation is particularly attention-getting and inviting and especially effective when the visitor becomes a 'Patron of the Arts.' The sound effects are used well in the introductory pages to help the visitor follow the directions and the teacher section is quite strong. This site hits the mark for younger teens!" Explore the site!
Screenshot from Renaissance Connection

eduweb News - 4-4-04
eduweb site wins "Best of the Web" Award

eduweb was honored at the recent Museums & the Web 2004 conference for a Web site it developed with the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. The site won "Best Educational Use" at the conference's Best of the Web awards. This is the third time since 2000 in which an eduweb project has won this award in this international juried competition.

The site, "World Myths & Legends in Art," focuses on 26 works of arts inspired by myths and legends from around the world. Web visitors can explore those stories with these great works of art and a variety of in-depth interpretation and interactive features. The Web site expands and revises on the Institute's original "World Mythology" Web site first launched in 1995.

In selecting the site for this award, the judges commented:

"I thought the original was great and have used it as an example of an online teaching resource for years. The new site is richer and shows evidence of thoughtfulness to the users' needs. My first thought was 'so this is what a web site looks like when it grows up...'"
"A fantastic resource for classroom teachers as well as lifelong learners of all ages and intentions. The compare and contrast feature is extremely useful and wonderfully simple! The THINK questions are a feature that teachers surely love. I respect that this site clearly put the needs of teachers first in their mind when they designed the site. It's a fabulous museum education website, an exemplar for this category."
"An elegantly designed site with lots of thinking and teaching going on. They've taken universal teaching ideas (compare and contrast) and have presented them in a simple, yet sophisticated manner. The site is non-threatening for the technophobic teacher, who will be a master in no time."

Screenshot from World Myths

New History Web Site - 3/15/04
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What I Did for My Summer Vacation
Montana Historical Society

eduweb collaborated with the staff of Montana’s Museum to give Web visitors an opportunity to learn about and tell their own stories about historical artifacts. In order to add important context to selected artifacts in the museum’s collection, we created an activity that casts users as visitors to real families who lived across Montana. In choosing objects to take home as souvenirs from a summer vacation visit to their host family, users learn about the objects and add their own interpretation and reaction to them. Material culture lives and breathes as these stories are shared with the wider online audience. The site is draws content directly from the museum’s collection management database, allowing staff to add objects to the activity on a continuing basis.

eduweb’s role: Concept and activity development, visual design, database integration, ASP programming, production.

Home page of web site
"We wanted a kid-friendly interactive that was Montana history-based, and one that would also highlight our great collection of artifacts, photographs, and archival materials. The expertise we needed was found in Steven Allison-Bunnell of eduweb. Steve's hands-on, personal approach was greatly appreciated by our team. eduweb proved to us that knowledgeable and supportive consultants are not a thing of the past!"

Sue Near
Director of Museum Services
Montana Historical Society

New Art Education Web Site - 2/23/04
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The Renaissance Connection
Allentown Art Museum

Finalist, Best of the Web, Museums & the Web 2004!

eduweb collaborated with Allentown museum staff on this multi-faceted Web site that explores Renaissance visual arts and innovations and their role in the making of the modern world. Applying research into learning styles and user engagement, we developed a suite of online activities and resources for middle school students and teachers: Explore a timeline of Renaissance art and innovation, commission an artwork as a patron of the arts, design your own innovation, and much more, all enhanced with quirky visuals, irreverent humor, and engaging interactivity that reveal the ways that Renaissance life and culture resemble our own.

eduweb's role: Concept and content development, visual design, illustration, animation, programming, production, and user testing.

Being a patron of the arts in The Renaissance Connection
"How do you make Renaissance art and culture relevant and meaningful to today's middle school students? We turned to eduweb, which clearly understood both the goals and the challenges of the project. eduweb helped define the big idea, establish objectives, develop the themes, and define a humorous personality for the site that would bring the Renaissance into the 21st century. We are delighted with the results and thank eduweb for their vision, creativity, and dedication to project."

Lise M. Dubé
Director of Education
Allentown Art Museum

New Ecology Web Site - 2/12/04
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PestWorld for Kids
National Pest Management Association

What are pests? Think of them as animals out of place. Out in nature, they're just doing their jobs. But when they move into our homes and yards, that's when we call them pests.

Collaborating with the National Pest Management Assocaition and its public relations agency, FCF Schmidt, eduweb developed a diverse array of offerings to meet many user needs and interests: amazing facts, in-depth information, interactive games, and curricular lesson plans that get you up close and personal with these bizarre yet all-too-familiar critters. You'll never look at an ant or cockroach in the same way again.

Designed primarily for elementary school-age kids and schoolteachers, this site has something for everyone. Who can resist sending a PestCard featuring a talking termite?

eduweb's role: Concept development, information architecture, scriptwriting, visual design, illustration, animation, programming, production, and usability testing.

Pest Detective suspect, from Pestworld for Kids
"Charged with communicating the importance of professional pest control to the next generation of consumers, FCF Schmidt Public Relations recommended development of an educational children’s website to our client the National Pest Management Association. After an exhaustive search of potential partners, eduweb surfaced as the most qualified site developer. Their educational background and ability to develop site content to meet national curriculum criteria made them the easy selection. And throughout the project's 6-month execution, they surely didn't disappoint.

“Working in tandem with our account team, eduweb expertly assimilated sometimes technical input to ultimately create a fun, engaging website that features innovative and interactive activities, interesting learning resources, and teacher lesson plans that adhere to national education standards. is already receiving praise from within the pest control industry, as well as throughout the education community. Additionally, it has provided us with a legitimate hook sure to garner national media exposure for our client. Through the partnership between FCF Schmidt PR and eduweb, there is no doubt that more and more children will be learning about pests and professional pest control by visiting”

Maribeth Roman Schmidt
FCF Schmidt Public Relations, Inc.

New art exhibition Web site - 1/26/04
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Picturing Women
The Picturing Women Project

Picturing Women explores how women are figured, fashioned, turned into portraits, and told about in words and pictorial narrative. Juxtaposing art and artifacts from the past and present, it explores these questions:
  • What constitutes female identity?
  • How is it culturally constructed in images, artifacts and texts?
  • What roles have these artifacts played in defining women's places in society, how they have been pictured historically and are pictured today?
The Picturing Women project team came to eduweb seeking a highly interactive Web site for the exhibition. They wanted the site to have strong community-oriented features offering many forms of participation. We proposed a site design that used object juxtapositions as a core element. The curator, project staff, and any Web visitor can create and publish juxtapositions online, blurring the traditional line between curator and public. Online forums within each juxtaposition encourage conversations among viewers and the project team. These features, along with other interactives, e-cards, and lesson plans, provide multiple ways for people to deepen and extend their experience with the exhibition.

eduweb's role: Information and interactivity design, visual design, animation, programming, and production.

Home page of Picturing Women site
"Working with David Schaller and his team at eduweb has been an exceptionally rewarding professional experience through and through. Dave's sophistication, wit, his deep grounding in the literature and practices of interactive learning, and his ability to grasp the essence of a project in record time are wonderfully matched by the elegant design work of his colleagues and their incredible capacity to make a vision a workable, engaging reality. I would recommend eduweb without reservation (and have done so a number of times already)."

Susan Shifrin
Project Director and Curator
Picturing Women Project

eduweb News - 12/10/03
eduweb projects praised in District Administration magazine

An article in the latest issue of District Administration has an article about Colonial Williamsburg's Electronic Field Trip (EFT), with high praise for the online activities that eduweb has developed for the program. The article calls them "innovative and sophisticated online activities" and quotes several educators:
  • "The electronic field trips meet the modality of all the different learning styles," says Glenna Raper, fifth-grade teacher at Davis Elementary School in Davis, Oklahoma. "I have a lot of students who might be more challenged with written words, and they can always relate to the online activities. I had one special needs child who would become engulfed in the Web activities, and he was so successful that other students asked him for help. You could see the lights coming on in his eyes."

  • "The activities are really good at promoting higher-level thinking," says Darryl Saunders, supervisor of elementary studies for the School District of Hillsborough County, Florida, "from presenting the questions and predicaments that the characters encounter to showing cause and effect."
eduweb has been developing online activities for Colonial Williamsburg since 1998. We are currently working on Web activities for the 2004-05 program.

New Music Education Web site! 10/28/03
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Soul Learning
The Stax Museum of American Soul Music

This Web site and CD-ROM celebrate Stax soul music of the 1960s and 70s with lively interactives and lesson plans. In "The Stax River" interactive, you can trace musicial influences on the signature Stax sound with some of Stax's biggest hits. "Mix a Song in the Stax Studio" (CD-ROM only) lets you layer instrumental tracks to arrange your own soul song. One sample lesson plan is available on the Web site, with a complete five-lesson unit on soul music for middle school students on the CD. (Middle school)

Stax CD-ROM screenshot

eduweb News - 5/30/03
eduweb projects win Silver and Honorable Mention at the AAM MUSE

Two Web sites developed by eduweb in collaboration with its clients have won prestigious MUSE Awards. The MUSE Awards are a juried competition conducted by the American Association of Museums' (AAM) Media and Technology Committee. Since 1989, the MUSE Awards have recognized excellence in films and videos produced by or for museums. eduweb's projects are:
  • Silver: Jefferson's West, for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Jefferson's West is a distance learning package containing curricula and a live interactive broadcast as well as the Web site. The judges said, "I particularly like the Web game with its ability to move in different directions to explore and collect data. A good example of how integrated technology (electronic field trip and website) can bring specific content directly into classrooms." As a subscription site, it is not freely accessible to the public, but a demo of the Web adventure is available. Try the demo!

  • Honorable Mention: The Artist's Toolkit, for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker Art Center. The judges said, "The Artist's Toolkit is a great introduction to basic concepts in art for students as well as teachers. This should be every classroom teacher's essential tool. It's also a great way to introduce the MIA collection to visitors. It's very nice how the producers tried to appeal to different learning styles. The animation of the artworks is a terrific way to introduce children to visual ideas." Explore the site!

New Art & History Web site! - 5/2/03
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World Myths & Legends in Art
Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Myths are stories that explain why the world is the way it is. Throughout history, artists have been inspired by myths and legends and have given them visual form. Explore myths and legends from around the world with these great works of art and in-depth interpretation and interactive features. (Middle and high school)

"Museum staff are enchanted by the imaginative—and appropriate—ways in which eduweb brings works of art to life. They are highly gifted educators with a repertoire of creative strategies that engage diverse learners."

Kate Johnson
Chair, Education Division
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

World Myths & Legends, Hydria
Screenshot from World Myths

New Science & Technology Web site! - 4/4/03
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Bridge to Classroom
California Alliance for Jobs

Designing and building a bridge to withstand earthquakes is no easy challenge. Explore the science, technology and people involved in the new Oakland Bay Bridge with these interactive learning modules and simulations! (Fifth grade and up)
  • Learn what causes earthquakes and see what scientists are predicting for the the coming quake.

  • Take on the challenge facing bridge designers and design a bridge that can withstand a Maximum Seismic Event—then test your bridge to see how it fares!

  • Explore key moments in the bridge's construction and meet some of the people and technologies involved in the new bridge.

Engineering for Earthquakes, Bridge to Classroom
Screenshot from Bridge to Classroom: simulation of bridge design and earthquakes

New Science Web site! - 2/11/03
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Shedd Educational Adventures (SEA)
John G. Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Educational Adventures (SEA) contains a treasure trove of aquatic science resources for K-12 teachers and students. SEA brings the Philippines to life for your students with fact sheets and multimedia interactives based on the Wild Reef exhibit at Shedd Aquarium.
  • Help Squish the Fish find lunch (a role-play story for grades K-2)
  • Build a fish and try to survive on the reef (a simulation for grades 3-6)
  • Solve a mystery in the Philippines (a puzzle/mystery for grades 6-9)
  • Research seahorse conservation (an interactive reference for grades 9-12)
Plus K-12 lesson plans, fact sheets about plants, animals and culture, and more! Dive into the SEA today!

Build-a-Fish, from Shedd Educational Adventures
Fish design screen from "Build-a-Fish"

New Research Paper! - 1/16/02
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Practicing What We Teach: how learning theory can guide development of online educational activities

Transplanting learning theory from the classroom or museum environment to the Web poses unique challenges. In this paper, we review several theories of learning and explore ways that we have tried to incorporate them into our development and design process for interactive Web sites.

Discussion of Gardner's Entry Points and Shedd interactives, from Practicing What We Teach:


Entry Points

How users might engage entry points


Hands-on/ Experiential

Designing a fish and seeing whether it can eat and avoid being eaten on the reef.


Systematically testing fish designs to see which does best in various places on the reef.


Considering shape and color differences in design options while designing fish.

eduweb News - 12/18/02
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New Art Education Web site!
The Artist's Toolkit: Visual elements and principles

ArtsConnectEd (The Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker Art Center)
2003 AAM MUSE Award winner!

Artists use visual elements and principles like line, color and shape as tools to build works of art. Learn about these concepts in a variety of ways:

Explore the Toolkit
  • Watch animated movies demonstrating the elements and principles
  • Find examples of the elements and principles in works of art from the MIA and Walker
  • Create your own composition using the elements and principles
Artists in Action
Watch professional artists Ta-Coumba Aiken and Judy Onofrio create original compositions to see artists in action using the visual elements and principles.

Learn more about the building blocks of composition with this in-depth guide. Here you'll see many examples of works of art that illustrate the visual elements and principles.

eduweb News - 10/28/02
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New Web Adventure!
Marine Reserves: How do you fit in?

The Channels Islands off the California coast are rich in ecological diversity. They also play an important role
in the local economy, since they support commercial and recreational fishing and diving industries. This digital lab lets you join a group working to establish new marine reserves in the Channel Islands. Creating a marine reserve that will sustain the natural ecology of the Channel Islands without hurting the human community is not easy. It's like solving a puzzle—but so far, no one has figured out a solution that everyone can accept. Are you up for the challenge?

This digital lab is part of the JASON Project's latest expedition, JASON XIV: From Shore to Sea. JASON has made this digital lab freely accessible for the 2002-03 school year. Subscribe to JASON for access to so much more: the award-winning curriculum, videos and gated online community, plus the live two-week Expedition Broadcast. Learn more about JASON XIV.

eduweb News - 9/30/02
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New Web Adventure!
Jefferson's West
Colonial Williamsburg

Join Lewis & Clark and head west in this interactive role-playing game combined with creative play. As you journey westward, you can stop along the way and explore, collecting plants and animals and trading with Indians for cultural objects. What you collect and send back to Thomas Jefferson will shape his view (and by extension the American view) of these new lands. (This is a demo version of this game, which is part of Colonial Williamsburg's Electronic Field Trip program.)

eduweb News - 8/1/02
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New Web Site!

The New Jersey Historical Society's new Web site offers a peek at its past, present and upcoming exhibitions, a publication archive, links to valuable outside resources, immediate access to its extensive archives and finding aids, a destination listing for Newark arts, culture, and entertainment, a monthly calendar of events, news updates, as well as selected images from the museum and library collections. Teachers and students can also sample online history lessons, downloadable curriculum materials, an archive of Jersey Journeys quarterly newspaper for students, and a listing of customized educational programs for learners of all ages.

eduweb News - 5/23/02
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New Web Site!
Explore! A Child's Nature
Brookfield Zoo

It is the nature of children to explore the living world around them. Exploring nature helps kids grow into adults who care about nature. When you encourage the kids in your life to appreciate their connections with the natural world, you will have healthier, happier kids. And you will also be helping to ensure that future generations will enjoy a healthier, happier Earth. This site is for adults who want to Grow a Caring Kid.

eduweb News - 5/16/02
eduweb projects win Gold, Silver and Honorable Mention at the AAM MUSE Awards!

Three Web sites developed by eduweb in collaboration with its clients have won prestigious MUSE Awards. The MUSE Awards are a juried competition conducted by the American Association of Museums' (AAM) Media and Technology Committee. Since 1989, the MUSE Awards have recognized excellence in films and videos produced by or for museums. The three winning eduweb projects are:
  • Gold: Kids Design Network (KDN), for the DuPage Children's Museum. The judges said, "Marvelously creative. I would have loved this project as a kid!" Explore the site!
  • Silver: A Brush with Wildife: Create a Composition with Carl Rungius, for the National Museum of Wildlife Art. The judges said, "The images were beautifully illustrated, the text was clear, and the activity was creative." Explore the site!
  • Honorable Mention: Hostages of Two Worlds, for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. The judges said, "A very interactive website that allows for interaction with museum staff and professionals. I really like this!" The Web site is one part of the larger distance learning program, which incorporates Web, video, and print materials. As a subscription site, it is not freely accessible to the public.

eduweb News - 3/6/02
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New Web Site!
Kid's Design Network (KDN)
DuPage Children's Museum

Have you ever wanted to invent a gadget? With KDN, you can! You can investigate a challenge, dream up a design, and draw your plans on the computer. Then, using the Internet, you can show your design to a real engineer! They'll help with your design, so you can go and build it! And best of all, it's free, from the DuPage Children's Museum! (Third-sixth grade)

eduweb News - 2/28/02
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New eduweb Research Study!
How Do You Like To Learn? Comparing User Preferences and Visit Length of Educational Web Sites

Developing effective public education sites for the World Wide Web requires an understanding of both learning theory and what appeals to learners. How can Web developers create sound educational activities that attract and appeal to a broad audience? Do adults prefer different types of online learning experiences than children? Read the report!

eduweb News - 2/8/02
eduweb Develops Ten of the Top 100 Educational Web Sites

Ten of our sites are featured in a recent list of the Top 100 educational Web sites of 2002. created the list, calling these 100 sites "a select group of the most informative, innovative, and educational sites on the Internet today!" eduweb was the sole developer for six of the 100 sites, and developed many of the learning modules and activities on four more. More.

eduweb News - 12/17/01
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New Web Site!
Surrounded by Beauty: The Arts of Native America

Explore an online exhibit of Native American artworks at the Minneapolis Insitute of Art. (Middle school to adult))

eduweb News - 12/06/01
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New Web Adventure
A Brush with Wildlife: Create a Composition with Carl Rungius

Learn from Carl Rungius, one of America's finest wildlife artists, how to use art principles like balance, contrast, movement, and proportion to compose a powerful art composition. Get acquainted with the the principles, then create your own composition and submit it to the Critique Gallery for review! (Middle school and up)

eduweb News - 11/30/01
eduweb Research & Evaluation Project

We are conducting research into educational Web activities, exploring ways in which learning theories and learner preferences come together in leisure learning on the Web. Read more: Real Fun or Real Learning? Developing Goal-Based Scenarios for Web Education (Based on the paper for the National Association of Interpretation 2001 Conference, below).

eduweb News - 11/15/01
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New Web Adventure
Monetary Mania!

How much do you know about money? Test your knowledge with this IMF quiz show about macroeconomics and global monetary policy. (High school and up)

eduweb News - 9/18/01
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New Web Adventure
The IMF in Action

Learn the difference between a hard and soft currency, how a country can recover from economic crisis, and how the International Monetary Fund works with member countries. (High school and up)

eduweb News - 9/18/01
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New Web Adventure
Order in the Court

You're a justice of the peace in colonial Virginia, sitting in judgment of three cases. Call on the plaintiff, defendant, lawyers and witnesses, then compare your verdict with that of history! (Fifth grade and up)

eduweb News - 8/4/01
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New Web Adventure
Carmine's Landscape Adventure

Join Carmine Chameleon and explore paintings to learn about mood, depth, time of day and weather in landscapes. Create your own landscapes so Carmine can get some sleep, go for a hike, and romp in the in all kinds of weather. (Second/third grade and up)

eduweb News - 7/13/01
eduweb Workshop at the National Association of Interpretation 2001 Conference

Susan Nagel and David Schaller, eduweb's founding partners, will conduct a workshop at the National Association of Interpretation's National Conference in November 2001. Learn about eduweb's approach to online learning in their paper for the workshop: Mission Accomplished! Developing Goal-Based Scenarios for Web Education.

eduweb News - 6/1/01
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New Web Adventure
Go West, Young Artist

It's 1870, and explorers and artists are discovering the wonders of the American West. Travel westward and meet six landscape artists to learn the basics of landscape composition. (Fifth grade and up)

eduweb News - 3/17/01
eduweb Two-Time Winner of Museum "Best of Web" Award

eduweb LLP (eduweb ®) has again won "Best of the Web: Educational Use" award at the Museums & the Web 2001 conference. "Art Tales: Telling Stories with Wildlife Art," which eduweb developed for the National Museum of Wildlife Art, won this prestigious award in an international juried competition. More.

eduweb News - 11/9/00
eduweb Site Featured in USA Today

A Web game that eduweb developed for Brookfield Zoo (Chicago Zoological Society) has been featured in USA Today. "eduweb excels at engaging children in unique interactive learning situations," the article states. "Putting children in control of the journey makes their learning hands-on and self-directed." Read the whole article.