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Chapter Seven: The Mystery Solved

spacer gifThe Tribune's headline was short and sweet:

Maid Cleans House,
Steals Priceless Millet Painting

spacer gifLate last night Arthur Cole Lechter's ninety-four room mansion on Bay Front Blvd. was robbed. The items taken include cash, jewelry and a priceless painting by François Millet. His maid, a Fiona Featherduster, is the chief suspect.

spacer gifI leaned back in my chair and let out a long dry whistle. I'd been duped, clean and simple. And Miss Featherduster hadn't even paid me for my troubles.

spacer gifI told the police what I knew. I guess they believed me, because they didn't come back. Not even a week later, when I received a postcard from Miss Featherduster:

"Dear Detective Pintura," it began. "I do so appreciate your help in identifying my painting. I guess I can't call it my painting anymore, since an art dealer in Milan took it off my hands for a very agreeable sum of money."

"I still remember what you said about Millet--that he only portrayed the lives of honest, hard-working folk. What do you think he'd say if he knew his painting had helped me leave that life behind me forever?"

"P.S. Gauguin was right--Tahiti is beautiful. Thanks so much for the suggestion!"



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