Worksheet for A. Pintura: Art Detective

1. What does Miss Featherduster bring you? What does she want you to do?


2. What country was Picasso from and when did he live?


3. Describe the kind of subjects Titian liked to paint.


4. What was the Renaissance? When was it?


5. Describe Van Gogh's painting style (brushstrokes, colors, subjects...).


6. What was one of Gauguin's favorite subjects?


7. What was Millet most interested in showing in his paintings?


8. Describe perspective as used by Raphael. When was it developed and what does it do?


9. Which artist painted the mystery painting? How do you know?

10. Why did Miss Featherduster really want to know about the mystery painting?


11. Which was your favorite artist? Why?



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