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St. Paul, Minnnesota

Explore the Solar System—on foot! This augmented-reality iPhone app creates a virtual model of the Solar System around you, reduced to a walkable scale.

Choose a scale and starting point and then start walking! The app places the Sun and planets around you in virtual space. Walk across the street to visit Venus, Head down the block to Jupiter, and stretch your legs to get a glimpse of Pluto. As you walk, the app tracks your location in both the real and the virtual world, so you can wander amongst the planets, visiting each one, and zooming in to inspect and learn about moons, asteroids, and comets. Adjust the distance scale to fit the solar system inside your neighborhood or across your city. Earn achievements and send reports of your journeys to Facebook and Twitter!

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Augmented Reality Mobile App

Screenshot from SpaceWalking
George Washington's World for Kids
Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon, Virginia

For a stiff-lipped Founder of the United States, George Washington led an awfully exciting life. Soldier, farmer, statesman...he was even famous for his love of dancing. On this site, discover the real Washington at home and at war. Explore a 3D Mount Vernon in search of things that reveal the many facets of the man. Play the harpsichord so he can dance with his beloved Martha. And serve as gun captain at Washington's moment of greatest military achievement, the siege of Yorktown.

eduweb's role: Game design, visual design, 3D modeling and animation, production.

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Casual Learning Games

George Washington's World screenshot

"Eduweb was able to help us answer the question of how to make George Washington a real person and not just the face on the quarter. By creating games that really immerse the player in Washington's life at Mount Vernon, at Yorktown, and even on the dance floor, children will learn that Washington lived an exciting life. And the experience of working with eduweb was a pleasure from day one."

Crystal McCliggott
Mount Vernon Ladies Association

Indian River Lagoon Adventures
Brevard Zoo
Melbourne, Florida

The Indian River Lagoon, along the east coast of Florida, is a remarkable ecological system, rich in plant and animal life. It also offers many ways to explore and enjoy nature. Use this Web site to learn about the lagoon, find great family outings and outdoor mysteries, and then come back and share your experiences with others.

eduweb's role: Information and interactivity design, visual design, illustration and production.

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Interactive Reference and Mystery

Izzy the Investigator presents a new outdoor mystery
Touch and See Room Mysteries
Bell Museum of Natural History
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Bell Museum was a pioneer of hands-on natural history exhibits. This online interactive brings the wonders of the museum's Touch and See room to the Web. Discover mysterious natural objects (a new one each time you visit!), identify skulls, and figure out what habitats turtles call home.

eduweb's role: Interactivity design, visual design, photography, videography, and production.

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Interactive Mystery

Identifying a turtle
Life in a Diorama
Bell Museum of Natural History
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ever wish you could get behind the glass of a diorama? Explore a Bell Museum diorama to find some surprising connections, learn how and why dioramas were made, and design your own habitat diorama.

eduweb's role: Interactivity design, visual design, illustration and production.

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Creative Play and Interactive Reference

Drag and drop design a diorama activity
Into the Book
Wisconsin Educational Communications Board
Madison, Wisconsin

Explore eight reading strategies for K-4 students and teachers in this interactive and in-depth reading comprehension site:

  • Make meaningful connections to climb to the summit of the Mountain of Understanding
  • Summarize the thrilling life of a talkative pirate
  • Evaluate books to successfully explore a distant solar system
  • Infer the real news in letters from pen pals
  • And much more!

Students can watch online videos, play learning games and interactives, and share their creations with friends and family. Teachers can delve into rich information and teaching resources, lesson plans, video and audio clips, downloads, and more.

Eduweb collaborated with the State of Wisconsin's Educational Communications Board on the design and development of the entire site, and particularly on the playful learning games and interactives that give students valuable practice with each reading strategy.

eduweb's role: Concept design, interactivity design, writing, graphic design, illustration, animation, and production.

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Multi-activity site

"Into the Book" student activities and screenshot from Making Connections: The Mountain of Understanding

"Our challenge was to create activities that could help young children understand and practice complex concepts like synthesizing or evaluating - and have fun at the same time. Eduweb was quick to grasp the gist of what we wanted to teach, and then managed to turn our educators' vision into something delightful to look at and fun to use. As they guided us through the development process, they continually looked for solutions that would engage students in more meaningful ways. We are well satisfied with both the developoment process and the final product."

Peggy Garties
Wisconsin Educational Communications Board

Teacher Resource Center
Minnesota Zoo
Minneapolis, MN

The Minnesota Zoo's Teacher Resource Center offers many exciting resources to help teachers plan their next visit to the Minnesota Zoo, including:

  • Field trip planning materials
  • Orientation video for teachers, chaperones, and students
  • Pre-visit, on-site, and post-visit activities and worksheets
  • Multimedia resources for browsing and downloading for student powerpoints and movies

eduweb's role: Information architecture, video scriptwriting, production and editing, database programming, and Web production.

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Interactive Reference Site

Teacher Resource Center screenshot
Design a Satellite
Littleton Historical Museum
Littleton, Colorado

This simulation game challenges children to design a satellite that will send TV signals to places far across the country. Central to the design process is exploring the ways that high technologies are the products of human ingenuity—and that Littleton, Colorado is a community rich in such inventive people.

eduweb's role: Interactivity design, scriptwriting, graphic design, illustration, animation, programming, production, and user testing.

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Simulation (Kiosk)

Boy suggesting slingshot to get satellite into orbit
MouthPower Online
National Museum of Dentistry
Baltimore, Maryland

The secret of a healthy smile is simple: taking good care of your teeth. And what's the best way to find out how to do that? Let Mouthie take you into the MouthPower laboratory. Experiment to find the healthiest choices about food, tobacco, and cleaning habits. Explore the history of dentistry and the story of your own teeth! Then create your own poster about healthy mouth habits. (Children age 9-12)

eduweb's role: Concept and content development, scriptwriting, illustration, animation, programming, production, and user testing.

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Simulation/Creative Play
Web Activities


Testing food, in MouthPower Online
PestWorld for Kids
National Pest Management Association
Dunn Loring, Virginia

What are pests? Think of them as animals out of place. Out in nature, they're just doing their jobs. But when they move into our homes and yards, that's when we call them pests.

Collaborating with the NPMA and its public relations agency, FCF Schmidt, eduweb developed a diverse array of offerings to meet many user needs and interests: amazing facts, in-depth information, interactive games, and curricular lesson plans that get you up close and personal with these bizarre yet all-too-familiar critters. You'll never look at an ant or cockroach in the same way again.

Designed primarily for elementary school-age kids and schoolteachers, this site has something for everyone. Who can resist sending a PestCard featuring a talking termite?

eduweb's role: Concept development, information architecture, scriptwriting, visual design, illustration, animation, programming, production, and usability testing.

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Interactive Reference with
Mystery & Role-Play Games


Pest Detective screenshot

"After an exhaustive search of potential partners, eduweb surfaced as the most qualified Web developer for our client's educational children's Web site. And throughout the project's 6-month execution, they surely didn't disappoint. Working in tandem with our account team, eduweb expertly assimilated sometimes technical input to ultimately create a fun, engaging website that features innovative and interactive activities, interesting learning resources, and teacher lesson plans that adhere to national education standards."

Maribeth Roman Schmidt
FCF Schmidt Public Relations, Inc.

Shedd Educational Adventures (SEA)
John G. Shedd Aquarium
Chicago, Illinois

Shedd Educational Adventures (SEA) contains a treasure trove of aquatic science resources for K-12 teachers and students. SEA brings the Philippines to life for your students with fact sheets and multimedia interactives based on the Wild Reef exhibit at Shedd Aquarium.

  • Help Squish the Fish find lunch (a role-play story for grades K-2)
  • Build a fish and try to survive on the reef (a simulation for grades 3-6)
  • Make a movie about life on a coral reef (creative play for grades 4-6)
  • Solve a mystery in the Philippines (a puzzle/mystery for grades 6-9)
  • Solve a mystery in the Philippines (a puzzle/mystery for grades 6-9)
  • Research seahorse conservation (an interactive reference for grades 9-12)

Plus K-12 lesson plans, fact sheets about plants, animals and culture, and more! Dive into the SEA today!

eduweb's role: Information architecture, visual design, programming, and production for the entire SEA site. Also concept and content development, illustration, animation, programming and production for the interactive modules.

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Web Site, Web Activities & CD-ROM


Screenshot: Build-a-Fish

Making a movie about Amazing Reef

The Artist's Toolkit
Minneapolis Institute of Arts & Walker Art Center
Minneapolis, MN

Artists use visual elements and principles like line, color and shape as tools to build works of art. Learn about these concepts in a variety of ways. Explore the Toolkit with animations and interactive modules. See Artists in Action as they create compositions using the visual elements and principles. Delve into the heavily illustrated Encyclopedia to learn more about the elements and principles.

eduweb's role: Concept development, site organization and visual design, illustration, animation, programming, and production.

Winner, 2003 MUSE Awards
American Association of Museums

"A great introduction to basic concepts in art...should be every classroom teacher's essential tool...Very nice how the producers tried to appeal to different learning styles."

Finalist, Best Educational Use
Museums & the Web 2003
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Web site


Color animation, from The Artist's Toolkit

"Museum staff are enchanted by the imaginative—and appropriate—ways in which eduweb brings works of art to life. They are highly gifted educators with a repertoire of creative strategies that engage diverse learners."

Kate Johnson
Chair, Education Division
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Art of Crime Detection
Bellwood, Illinois

You witness a crime, and the police ask you to help identify the culprit, using their new PDArtist tool. Learn how your left and right brain work and the best ways to use your brain as an artist. Can you create composite portraits that help identify the culprit?

Use the PDArtist tool to create composite portraits of two (innocuous) crimes—or just play around with this open-ended drawing tool! This interactive was originally developed for Sanford's "A Lifetime of Color" website, which is now defunct, so we are making it available here.

eduweb's role: Concept and content development, visual design, illustration, programming, and production for the entire ArtEdventures site, including lesson plans and classroom activities, reference content, and art games.

Awards include:
Cool Site of the Day
Best Art Site of 1999
Education World A+ Reviewed Site
Ask Jeeves Silver Platter Site

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Interactive Mystery & Creative Play

Screenshot: The Art of Crime Detection
"Eduweb masterfully helped us make our Web goals a reality. We receive dozens of comments daily from artists, teachers, homeschooling parents, and students showinering praises."

Dina Cooper
Product Manager for Art & Education
Kids Design Network (KDN)
DuPage Children's Museum
Naperville, Illinois

The DuPage Children's Museum was taking their popular in-school design program to the Web—but how? Technical challenges abounded, from school-age computers to district firewalls. But after extensive development and formative testing, we had an innovative and award-winning site. At school or home, kids tackle design challenges with the help of a real engineer, who consults with each kid live, via an interactive whiteboard and chat room. Empowering for kids (and engineers), this program is available at no cost for schools and homeschoolers.

eduweb's role: Site organization and interface design, visual design, illustration, animation, programming, and production.

Gold Medalist, 2002 MUSE Awards
American Association of Museums

"Marvelously creative. I would have loved
this project as a kid!"

Finalist, Best Educational Use
Museums & the Web 2002
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Creative Play/Two-Way Communication
Web Activity



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