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My Pop Studio
Temple University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ready to pop behind-the-scenes of the television you watch, magazines you read, music you listen to and websites you visit? Our "studios" let you take the reins. Create. Comment. Control. Explore your media, your way!

This Web site for 'tween-age girls promotes media literacy and gives girls a chance to create music, edit a TV show, publish a magazine and reflect on the role of digital media in their lives.

  • Create your own pop star and put her concert online for the world to enjoy!
  • Edit your own reality show, spinning the story the way you want!
  • Make your own celebrity magazine featuring you and your favorite actors and singers!
  • Test your multi-tasking abilities and find out how well you can do many things at the same time!

eduweb's role: Concept and content development, interactivity design, visual design, illustration, animation, programming, and production.

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Creative Play Web Site

Create your own popstar, in My Pop Studio

"eduweb's talented team of creative and technical professionals exceeded our expectations in every respect. With eduweb, we were able to realize our goals for the project and benefit from the insight and guidance and wisdom that eduweb's remarkable creative team has developed as a result of their 10-year track record in online multimedia production. Throughout the production process, we were standing on the shoulders of giants with eduweb on our team!"

Renee Hobbs
Associate Professor of Communication
Director, Media Education Lab
Temple University

Amazing Reef
John G. Shedd Aquarium
Chicago, Illinois

There are a thousand stories on the amazing reef, each more incredible than the last. Stories of life, friendship, hunger and survival. Which story will you tell?

In this movie-making interactive, you can make an animated film about life on a coral reef. Choose an exciting story, cast colorful characters, and animate the movie yourself. Then add music and titles to complete your movie. You can even keep it by downloading it to your own computer.

eduweb's role: Concept and content development, illustration, animation, programming and production.
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Creative Play

Screenshot: Making a movie
Soul Learning
Stax Museum of American Soul Music
Memphis, Tennessee

This Web site and CD-ROM celebrate Stax soul music of the 1960s and 70s with lively interactives and lesson plans. "The Stax Rivers" interactive explores musical influences on the signature Stax style, letting you trace stylistic influences in some of Stax's biggest hits. "Mix a Song in the Stax Studio" (pictured, CD-ROM only) lets you layer instrumental tracks to arrange your own soul song. One sample lesson is available on the Web site, with a complete five-lesson unit on soul music for middle school students on the CD.

eduweb's role: Concept development, content development, visual design, illustration, animation, programming, and production for both Web site and CD-ROM.

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Mixing a song, in Soul Learning
Arts Workshop
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Indiananapolis, Indiana

Designed to complement the museum's onsite Center for Arts Exploration, Arts Workshop brought an exciting new experience to the Web when it launched in 1999. Users create a puppet show online and publish it for friends and family to enjoy. Using common and accessible technology, we designed a playful learning experience that works at several levels of engagement. Users can write an original story or construct one using phrases common to myths and fairy tales from around the world. They then choose or create a background scene, select music, and choreograph the show.

eduweb's role: Concept and content development, visual design, illustration, programming, and production.

Note: This interactive is no longer available

Best Educational Use
Museums & the Web 2000

"This site truly allows kids to use may ways of thinking in order to produce their own puppet show online...very creative...stimulates second and third visits by allowing users to create their own story lines."

Top 100 Educational Web Sites of 2002

"a select group of the most informative, innovative,
and educational sites on the Internet today!"
Creative Play
Web Activity


A child-created puppet show from Arts Workshop

"Working at the pace of the Internet within the culture of the museum world is a challenge that requires patience, persistence, and plain old-fashioned guts. eduweb has all three skills as well as a strong educational technology base. They understand their clients and their audiences."

Ann Ray
Director of Educational Media
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

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