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Open up the ecotourism project to the entire community

At the next community meeting, Agustîn officially makes the project communal. Those who worked on it can continue to work in tourism, but now everyone in the community must do an equal share of work. Profits will be distributed equally as well. Agustín, however, believes that half the incoming money should be funneled back into the project, to continue improving the tourist facilities. Others, however, feel that the tourist compound is fancy enough. They would rather use the money to fix up their own homes.

You don't work much in the fields nowadays, and have even let some plantations become overgrown with secondary forest.
100% pile of plants
100% pile of coins
Income from tourism comes in steadily, and you no longer need to sell crops in the market.

What do you think?

Split the proceeds between the Quichua and the ecotourism project
Direct all the proceeds to the Quichua

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