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The Ecotourism Game

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Continue as you are

You and the others continue with ecotourism, but your heart is no longer in it. You feel ostracized from the greater community, which has been your home for your entire life. You finally tell Pedro and Fernando that you are sick of ecotourism and wish to either quit or open the project up to the entire community. They say they can handle it on their own.

You return to your fields, where you have a great deal of work to do. Many of the crops are overgrown with secondary forest. It takes several months but you are finally back where you were before ecotourism began. Though you have some fond memories of many tourists, you also better appreciate the importance of the community in your life.

You don't work much in the fields nowadays, and have even let some plantations become overgrown with secondary forest.
100% pile of plants
100% pile of coins
Income from tourism comes in steadily, and you no longer need to sell crops in the market.

This is the end of the ecotourism game.

Would you like to see what happens if you convince Pedro and Fernando to open the project up to the entire community?

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