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Bring in Quito travel agency

Gilberto, the manager of ADVENTURAS AMAZONIAS, agrees to help your community develop the ecotourism project. He scouts out several trails through the rainforest. He builds several tourist cabins on the banks of the Río Pangayacu. He hires your grandfather Alonso to demonstrate a shamanic ritual using hallucinogenic drugs from the rainforest.

Within a month, Gilberto begins bringing tour groups to your community. The tourists are interested in your way of life, and they are especially fascinated by Alonso's rituals. Some like the hallucinogenic drug so much that they try to buy more to use later during their stay, or even to take home.

But the drugs are part of Quichua traditions and should not be used outside of special ceremonies. Some of your neighbors think that giving these drugs to tourists lessens the meaning of the rituals.

The tourists also stare and take photographs, making some Quichua feel like they are in a zoo.

Gilberto refuses to impose restrictions on the tourists, saying that they are on vacation and should be able to do as they please. He also points to the money everyone is making from tourism and asks who wants to give it up.

There has been little change in land use. Currently about a third of all community land is primary rainforest.
100% pile of plants
75% pile of coins
Families are enjoying their extra income from tourism. At this rate, each household will make about $300 more this year than last year.

The money isn't enough to quiet the protests. After several months, the people of Pangayacu decide to cancel their agreement with Gilberto. Some want to ban tourists from the community. Others want to try running the project locally. What do you want to do?

Ban tourism completely
Try local control

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