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Stage a traditional cultural program

Quichua traditional danceSeveral Quichua in their twenties offer to learn the old songs and dances from their grandparents. Together, the young men and the elders put together the cultural program. Tourists see a dance which commemorates a treaty between the Quichua and their old enemies, the Huaorani. They also hear several songs performed by a five-person band playing violin, guitar, and turtle shell.

Tourist groups are arriving several times a month now. Some Quichua are satisfied with this level of tourism. They appreciate the income from tourism, but they are still more comfortable working in the field than dealing with tourists. Others, however, would like to improve the tourist facilities. More comfortable accommodations would attract more tourists, particularly tourists willing to pay higher rates for their stay.

There has been little change in land use. Currently about a third of all community land is primary rainforest.
100% pile of plants
75% pile of coins
Tourists pay only $40 a day, but the money has a big impact. At this rate, each household will make about $300, or 50%, more this year than last year.

What do you want to do?

Limit tourism to current levels
Expand and improve the tourist facilities

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