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Improve tourist facilities and attract more tourists

TTourist using blowgunSeveral tourist groups visit Pangayacu every week now, staying for two to four days. They enjoy seeing the rainforest and learning about Quichua culture, such as the blowguns which were once used for hunting.

The money coming in has paid off all the debts acquired to buy the outboard motor for the canoe, the cabin furnishings, and other expenses.

Now the people of the community are asking to receive more money from tourism. Agustîn believes that half the incoming money should be funneled back into the project, to continue improving the tourist facilities. Others, however, feel that the tourist compound is fancy enough and that it's time for the Quichua to benefit from tourism.

Though you and your neighbors make some money from tourism, it is not enough to satisfy your growing needs. Many Quichua have cleared half a hectare or so of primary forest to plant coffee and rice for the market.
75% pile of plants
75% pile of coins
Income from tourism comes in steadily, but it can't pay for everything. Quichua earn more money from agriculture than tourism.

What do you think?

Split the proceeds between the Quichua and the ecotourism project
Direct all the proceeds to the Quichua

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