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Split off to form a new community

The move to split away from the community triggers a flood of emotion among all the Quichua. Some join Agustín and his friends, but many others are shocked and disturbed that the solidarity of the community might be shattered over the issue of ecotourism. Distrust and animosity become common as the opposing factions argue about how to divide the community's land. Both sides want the remaining tracts of primary forest, but there is little left to split or share.

Overshadowed by the conflict, the ecotourism project falls into neglect. Tourists stop coming, so everyone must work harder in the fields to make a living. Soon the forest reclaims the tourist compound. Tensions gradually fade as everyone concentrates on making a living. Even Agustín avoids speaking of ecotourism.

There is less than a hectare of primary forest left on your land. The rest has been converted to coffee and rice fields. Everyone understands that agriculture is responsible for the loss of the forest, but after the experience with ecotourism, no one is eager to try something new.

Very little of the land remains in primary forest. Few birds or animals can survive in the small remnants. Your children will know the rainforest only in your stories.
25% pile of plants
50% pile of coins
Income from tourism soon disappears. The Quichua focus on agriculture, but it is difficult to make money, and incomes drop.

This is the end of the ecotourism game.

Do you want to see what happens if you stay with the community?

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