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Stay with the community

The next community meeting extends late into the night as Agustín opens the debate over ecotourism. Many oppose any additional ecotourism development, preferring life the way it used to be. Agustín and others argue that tourism is a way for Pangayacu to adapt to the modern world without losing its Quichua spirit.

Near midnight, your brother Eduardo suggests a compromise: allow one tourist group per month. The income from twelve groups per year amounts to about one-eighth of a family's annual agricultural income. Agustín isn't sure whether to accept this compromise or continue with plans to split off. He asks you for advice.

Most Quichua have cleared several hectares primary forest to plant coffee and rice for the market. Less than 10% of community land remains forested.
25% pile of plants
50% pile of coins
Income from tourism declines. The Quichua focus on agriculture, but it is difficult to make money, and incomes drop.

What do you think?

Accept the compromise
Split off from the community

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