Meet the Team

With decades of experience in media, technology, and education, we bring our knowledge, skills, and, most importantly, our imagination to every project.

David T. Schaller


Dave has been a media developer since first picking up a Super-8 camera in the third grade. Twenty-five years later, he founded Eduweb to develop digital learning games and interactives and embark on the perpetual quest for the sweet spot where learning theory, digital media, and fun meet. For more than twenty years now, he has led the development of award-winning media projects for museums and educational organizations around the country. In addition to leading development of hundreds of digital games and interactives, he has written many papers exploring digital media and informal learning including a chapter about digital learning games in The Digital Museum: A Think Guide, published by the American Alliance of Museums.

In the decades between amateur filmmaking and Eduweb, Dave doggedly tried to find his calling, dabbling in fiction writing, working on farms from Israel to New Zealand, studying indigenous ecotourism in the Amazon, and writing museum exhibits about nature, recreation, and Jefferson Davis. To every project he brings all this experience, plus whatever he learned while acquiring a B.A. in humanities and an M.A. in geography and museum studies.

Susan A. Nagel


Susan serves as researcher and content developer, tapping her fascination with history, culture, and the natural world. She had originally planned on becoming a marine biologist, but seasickness and a general distrust of seaweed moored her firmly in Minnesota where she earned her B.A. in history and an M.Ed in art education. Her years as an art teacher helps us balance our quest for the digital experiences with the realities of the classroom. Susan is also invaluable at QA–if something can be broken, she will break it!

Drawing on a decade of school marketing and communications, Susan is our WolfQuest social media wrangler and community manager. This world provides endless inspiration and understanding of how people learn and interact digitally as well as how online communities thrive and evolve. While she loves online learning, Susan's happiest moments are when Eduweb's work inspires people to step away from screens and head outdoors and into their communities.

Keeping a firm hand on the tiller, Susan also wards off the IRS, maintains HQ, and makes Dave take vacation – preferably into the wilds away from signals.

The Sun Never Sets on the Eduweb Empire

All around the world, talented designers, artists, and programmers work together to turn our projects from hand-wavy ideas into games and interactives that are beautiful, functional, and fun.

Tommi Hortanna

Based on Berlin, Tommi has been been been our lead Unity developer and a key member of our team since 2013, designing and creating gameplay systems for WolfQuest, Traders & Raiders, and other games.

Pete Moretta

Since 2006, Pete has contributed to many of our projects, first as a 3D artist and currently as a Unity software developer. He's based on Wauconda (the one in Illinois, not the fictional one in Africa.)

Andrei Michel Schwingel

Andrei is a Unity developer in Brazil who builds secondary systems for our WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition game.

Paul Zobitz

Paul, based in Oronoco, Minnesota, handles the back-end programming on all our projects.

Steve Matheson

Working in Toronto, Steve creates the front-end code for our HTML5 games and websites.

Steve Wagner

As our staff graphic designer for fifteen years, and as a freelancer since 2016, Steve has created beautiful and usable interfaces for many of our projects. He is currently based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Steve Allison-Bunnell

Steve was our long-time producer and instrumental in the design and development of many projects, including WolfQuest. He tackles occasional freelance jobs for us now from his home in Missoula, Montana.

Steve Adamson

Currently living in the Philippines, Steve's creative hand is behind many of Eduweb's human and characters for WolfQuest, Traders & Raiders, and Hold the Fort.

Duncan Bell

Duncan is a graphic designer from South Africa who has created designs for the upcoming WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition and Putt the Planets.

Michael Christopherson

Based in bucolic Northfield, Minnesota, Michael crafts the HTML5 code for many of our websites and interactives.

Geo Schaller

Geo is our in-house gaming expert. He handles tech support and community management for WolfQuest while studying computer science and history.

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