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"So," said Trish the Fish, "you think you know enough about this painting to escape it, do you?"

I nodded. "I 'll give it a try."

"All right then," she said. "Answer the following questions correctly and you'll be back in the museum with your friends."

Mystery painting

1) This painting was made by:


2) The artist who made this painting was:

Portrait 1
Portrait A

Portrait 2
Portrait B

Portrait C

3) Which painting above is a self-portrait of our artist?



4) This painting (by the same artist) is a:

5) The colors in this painting would be considered:

 Picture 1
Picture One

 Picture 2
Picture Two


6) Looking at color and brushstrokes, which of these two paintings was made by our artist?



7) The artist might have made this painting in all but one of the following places:

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