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Trish the Fish

Van Gogh Self-Portrait

"Who?" repeated Trish. "A very famous fellow painted this scene."

I shrugged.

"I'll give you a hint," she said, whipping a postcard out from beneath a fin. "He was Dutch..."

I was still stumped.

"Vincent Van Gogh," she finally said.

"Van Gogh?" I asked. "Didn't he cut off his ear?"

Trish with bandaged earTrish the Fish sighed. "That's what everybody says. Van Gogh painted 900 incredible paintings, but all anyone remembers is a missing ear lobe!"

She gave me a long beady look. "Look at the painting again," she said.

You're trapped in this painting!

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"What do you think he was trying to do when he painted this scene?

...Make a painting as detailed and accurate as a photograph?"

...Capture the momentary effects of sunlight and color?"

...Express his own mood or emotion with strong colors and brushstrokes?"

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