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Continue spending more time in agriculture than in tourism

A few tourist groups visit every month, but after a while the impact of agriculture on the land and the wildlife is hard to ignore. There is little primary rainforest left for tourists to visit, and scarcely any interesting birds or animals. The ecotourism project begins to decline. Some Quichua are relieved, since ecotourism only took time which they prefer to spend in the fields.

Others, however, are frustrated. They enjoy working in tourism--it's easier work than field labor and has the potential to pay well. It still seems like a good way to preserve what remains of the rainforest. Agustín and several others begin talking about splitting off from Pangayacu to form a new community which could concentrate on ecotourism.

Most Quichua have cleared several hectares primary forest to plant coffee and rice for the market. Less than 10% of community land remains forested.
25% pile of plants
50% pile of coins
Income from tourism declines. The Quichua focus on agriculture, but it is difficult to make money, and incomes drop.

What do you want to do?

Split off with Agustín
Stay with the community

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