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"You think you have to go outdoors to paint a landscape?" Trish said. "Makes sense--but it wasn't always true. In fact, people used to do all their painting indoors. Some made rough sketches outdoors, but returned to their studios to paint.

"What's more, artists like the Dutch painter Hobbema didn't paint actual landscapes--they made them even better. They wanted to paint scenes that were perfect--even if nature wasn't perfect."

"Wouldn't it be easier to look at what you are painting while you paint?" I asked.

"That's just what our artist thought. He was inspired by a group of artists called the Impressionists to leave the studio and go outdoors to paint. The Impressionists thought getting out in the fresh air was essential to paint the best landscapes. It didn't hurt either that collapsable, sealable paint tubes were invented in the1800s which allowed artists to take their paints and portable easels away from the studio."

"I hadn't thought of that," I admitted.

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Trish flicked a fin, "Okay, what now, kid? You want to learn more about this painting, or try to get out?"

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