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Trish beamed. "Excellent. You know your languages, don't you!" She pulled a map out of the water. "Now this artist was actually born in the Netherlands--also known as Holland--which makes him a Dutch artist. Don't ask me why the different names--I'm as confused about that as you are. But he spent much of his artistic life in France."


"His brother was an art dealer in Paris. And France was a very exciting place for an artist to be back then in the late 1800s. Our artist was especially inspired by the French Impressionists."

"I've heard of them," I said.

"Good," Trish said. "Now take a look at the map. Can you figure out where he made this painting?"

I frowned. "How do I know where that was?"

Trish smiled. "Remember what the Frenchman said: 'Vous nagez dans la Riviere d'Oise proche d'Auvers, naturellement!.'"

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