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Trish the Fish









I yelped as something brushed my legs, rocketed out of the water and disappeared with a splash. Then a scaly snout and bulbous eyes rose out of the water.

"Hey, what's up?" said the fish with a squirt of water." The name's Trish. Trish Fish. I'm here to help!"

"Well, I could use some help--where am I?"

"You got sucked into a painting at the art museum. But I'll bet you weren't paying attention so you have no idea which painting you're trapped in."

"Well...yeah," I admitted

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"Here, take this..." Trish flicked a fin and I caught flat, wooden object as it sailed through the air.

It was an artist's palette. It had dollops of paint and the words: Who? What? How? Where? and Out!

"The palette will get you home," Trish explained. "But first, use it to explore the painting. Look around! Then, when you're ready to leave, press Out!"


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