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"Oh good grief!" said Trish. "Look at the painting again. You've got water moving, people fishing, and of course fish swimming out of sight. That doesn't sound too still to me."

"But it's such a peaceful scene," I said.

"Sure," said the fish. "But 'still life' is actually a very specific term. It means a painting of nonmoving, nonliving objects, usually indoors on a table. Flowers and fruit are popular subjects for a still life.
Any animals--like me--would have to be stuffed. Ugh!

"The same guy who painted this scene did some famous still lifes too--take a look at his sunflowers.

I nodded. "I think I get it."

Your trapped in this painting!

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"Great," said Trish. "So what do you think this painting of ours is? Is it a...


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