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"You've got a good eye," Trish told me. "You must know that abstract means not realistic. But in a true abstract painting, it's even harder to tell what the subject actually is. Take a look at 'Girl with Dark Hair,' an abstract painting by Picasso. See the way he breaks up the shape of the girl's face? He wants to show more than one view of it at the same time. Now that's abstract art!"

Trish did a backflip and came up looking scrambled.

"Hey, look! I'm a Picasso!"

She returned her features to normal and continued more calmly. "The artist of our painting made some elements abstract, like the faces on the people, but he still made sure the river, the trees, and the sky were recognizable."

"I see," I said.

You're trapped in this painting!

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"Good. So what do you think this painting of ours is? Is it a...

...still life?"

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