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"Good guess," Trish said. "Van Gogh did want paintings to express his emotions. But he still went outside and painted things as they really were, more or less. True Expressionists abandoned natural colors and realistic subjects in order to devote themselves to expressing their emotions. In fact, Expressionists used such shocking colors that they were nicknamed "fauves" or "wild beasts.". Rouault, for example, used savage, slashing brushstrokes and unnatural colors."

I shook my head. "I'm confused."

Trish nodded sympathetically. "Art styles can be confusing. Just remember, Van Gogh's genius with color paved the way for the Expressionists but he wasn't one himself."

"Well, all right," I said. "I guess I get it."

"Good," Trish said. "So people call Van Gogh's style of painting...



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