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Trish with paintbrush

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"Our artist is very famous for his brushstrokes," Trish told me. "Look closely--this artist's brushstrokes are plain as day. From short choppy dashes, slashes and dots to curving swirls, he used his brushstrokes to convey his emotions while he painted."

Our artist's brushstrokes

I scratched my head, "Was he the first artist to show brushstrokes?"

"Nah--the Impressionists had already shocked people by refusing to smooth out their brushstrokes. For centuries before them, though, many artists strived to create smooth, perfect canvasses with no evidence of a brush. But this artist's brushstrokes are as recognizable as his signature."

Trish whipped out several postcards and held them up:

"So which of these brushstrokes were made by the same artist?"

Example 1
Example Two
Example Three

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